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Winning or loosing in Poker depends on strategies that entirely dominates the Poker game. Good breaks will make even the best players play worse.

Players often experience a streak of bad beats at one time or another. It can also lead people to think winning at poker is impossible. It just shows that even though skill is a big part of poker, there's also a lot of luck involved. Never forget skill will always triumph over luck in the long run.

When a player gets quite fortunate or fluky, he would slowly start to loosen up. If you are having a ball on the table, take a break and ask yourself if this is the right way to play the game. Luck never stays, so you need to judge your play and get back to the basics. Skilled moves will win in the long run.

In Limit Texas Hold'em , play can be quite deceptive to those players that are less skillful. A false notion held by some players is that you can just join the game and call down the hands when you have pot odds, never taking notice of your opposition. In reality, this is how many Limit Hold'em player do play on the low limit tables such as the $2-$4 and $4-$8 tables. Moreover, it is qutie common for intermediate level players to be distressed with a lack of discipline or tightness alngwith a lack of aggression or strong connection in the right situations.

When selecting a table at which to play, watch out for tight/aggressive tables that are low profit and high volatility and pass up strong players who will simply understand you and take all your chips. Look out for loose games where about 30% met the flop on average and many play their hands too far for prudence.

While you are drawing, be sure to have pot odds in your favor, only calling a bet if the pot justifies the call. Be familiar with all relevant information on pot odds.

Always keep a good kicker card. You need to have a good side card, called the kicker, to your highest card. Quite often, weak kickers simply build second best hands and these can be expensive in the long run.

As a rule, try to recall playing styles of opponents. Ask yourself what kind of hands they raise, which hands they re-raise, whether or not they call once they hold weak cards, whether they play pocket pairs, whether they play draws, what hands they like to call or raise from early positions, as well as what hands they raise or check with to gain more knowledge of the players styles.


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