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Poker Tells

Tell is a part of poker, A tell is habit, behavior, or physical reaction that gives other players more information about your hand. Poker Player should be aware of some very common poker tells. Being able to spot these tells will help players make good decisions at the poker table and put themselves in position to win more money. Also, by knowing what these common poker tells are, players can avoid giving them off themselves! As in most facets of life, holding information or additional knowledge can only put you in a stronger position, and this is the case in poker too.

Remember, in poker there are many contradictions and exceptions to the rule. Also, experienced players will give out false tells to fool players. The following tells may be worth noticing:
  1. Watch the Eyes
  2. Facial Expression
  3. Weak is Strong/Strong is Weak
  4. Anxiety
  5. Trembling Hands
  6. Glance at Chips
  7. Peeking Hole Cards on Flop
  8. Repetitive Betting Patterns
  9. Body Posture/Attitude
  10. Chip Stacking

The top three online pokers tell are:

Quickness to respond, reported by 76% of respondents: a very fast check can indicate a weak hand, quick bets on the turn or river can often indicate a strong hand.

Slowness to respond, reported by 73% of respondents: a pause followed by a check can often indicate weakness, while a delay followed by a raise often indicates strength.

Automatic play, reported by 68% of respondents: a lazy approach to the auto buttons lets a player slip into a set pattern of play. Any breaks in this pattern are clear tells.


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